Small Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Sewing Machine Kit Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit for Kids for A Variety of Common Fabrics DIY Maquina de Coser Review

Small Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Sewing Machine Kit Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit for Kids for A Variety of Common Fabrics DIY Maquina de Coser Reviews

  • 【Portable mini sewing machine】 Mini, lightweight and durable sewing machine is very suitable gifts for beginners! Especially suitable for Halloween and Christmas crafts DIY. It is also suitable for daily home decoration sewing and clothing sewing.
  • 【Double Thread Design & 2 Speed Mode】Crafting Mending Machine Stitching Machine. Two-speed two-wire, automatic rewinding, built-in thread cutter and work light make it easier for beginners to learn and enjoy this handheld sewing machine.
  • 【Simple operation】 Beginner Sewing Machine Simple threading, with only one stitch, basic sewing machine not complicated. The special cuff groove design is very suitable for sewing cuffs and trouser legs.
  • 【SMALL BUT STABLE】The light base sewing machine maquina de coser is upgraded with a large extension table and speed control Foot Pedal light weight, can be more stable during sewing large projects. Portable sewing machine Comes with beginner basic sewing accessory kits for immediate use. Junior Sewing Machine, Perfect for Travel, Quick Repairs.
  • 【Power Supply Mode】Compatible with 2 power modes: Battery Operated Sewing Machine using 4 x AA batteries (AA batteries are not included); Contained DC 6V power adapter. It is a compact sewing machine. you can turn the hand wheels clockwise to sew.
  • 【The Perfect Gift】The sewing machine kit can be used as a gift for friends, family, lovers, children, beginners, for kids, etc. Especially in the holidays such as Children’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas.
  • 【Six Month Guarantee】 The sewing machine has many functions, you can watch the video teaching if you don’t understand it. Of course, you can also contact us by e-mail, and we are ready to help every customer. f you have any problems or are not satisfied with the process of use, please feel free to contact us, we offer a refund or replacement within 60-day period.

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3 thoughts on “Small Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Sewing Machine Kit Handheld Mini Electric Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit for Kids for A Variety of Common Fabrics DIY Maquina de Coser Review”

rqsgG says:

I was concerned that my machine would be too strong/fast for her.Good for basic jobs.But having to rethread the bottom every single time I stop is obnoxious I would not recommend this for children.And I got me very frustrated.I love that I now have a new hobby the tensioner was NOT set right from the factory, causing breakage to the main thread, or tangles when I loosened it a bit. Easy to use.We did struggle with getting the tension right but I think that has more to do with her pulling the fabric through rather than feeding it through Cute machine a bit to light weight tho kept sliding as i used it, and had to keep threading it few times each use, but cute and did the job what i needed it for It worked fine for the first time.They love it and have been using it to repair torn seams and undone hems.[/review1][review2] I only used it one and it works perfect to make smaller a skirt Usefull tool for beginners and basic stuff.It also came out of the box greasy all over the machine.the upper thread didn’t feed correctly and kept pulling thread from needle.

PBRoD says:

It never worked right.Just know if you want to make clothing with it, it won’t work.We opened it for the 1st time this weekend since she lives in Tennessee and I live in Louisiana, and covid this was the 1st opportunity for us to try the mini sewing machine.It wont work on any heavy fabrics, like a coat, and due to its size, it is difficult to use on some garments, like Denim jeans. It is almost impossible to thread, and is definitely not for beginners.Comprarla es tirar el dinero a la basura[/review5][review5] Son una basura[/review5]<!– .Worst purchase I’ve done on 30 years! I do not recommend! Nothing[/review3][review4] It works but it is so hard to work with.

yVGTJl says:

Comprarla es tirar el dinero a la basura Son una basura[/review5]<!– .

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