SINGER Pink SteamCraft OnPoint Tip 300ml Tank Capacity & 1700 Watts Iron Review

SINGER Pink SteamCraft OnPoint Tip 300ml Tank Capacity & 1700 Watts Iron Review and Key Specs

  • OnPoint Tip for a More Detailed Finish on Buttons, Cuffs, and Pleats
  • Precision Controls to help with ease of use
  • 30 minute Auto Off delay
  • Large Water Tank Capacity of 300ml
  • 1700 Watts with Continuous Steam Output
  • 360 degree cord pivot to protect power cord
  • 10 feet of cord length with Handy Cord Wrap for Easy Storage.

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    3 thoughts on “SINGER Pink SteamCraft OnPoint Tip 300ml Tank Capacity & 1700 Watts Iron Review”

    bnloi says:

    I find no difficulty with the touch mode feature on the aqua one.My Rowenta needed a repair/replacement part and I needed something to fill the gap.Like the super pointy tip.It doesn’t have fancy look or special funtion but it’s literally a basic iron.I do not iron a lot but when I need to it works perfectly.One of the reviews mentioned that it was heavy that maybe the case for some people and it’s understandable.Great buy too. She loves it I love the way it looks and it’s good but it started leaking recently and I’m gonna need a new one Yep, this has to go back.i just dont like that it leaks and that it takes to long to turn off but i love how easy it turns on Todo es excelente mi mejor inversión ya que he comprado varias planchas pero esta se llevó a todas las que compre para trabajo casa y si hasta para un regalo Has weight to it & irons nicely.I don’t use it with steam, so I can’t comment to that.Needs to be precise and easy.The pointy tip really lets me iron exactly where I want to.They haven’t invented iron with steamer for home that does not rust.The pronounced tip is great feature for Pressing seams and sleeves of garments[/review1][review2] Honestly, I bought this iron because of the color.

    nQkyg says:

    This one looked cute and was promised to arrive fast, and so it is and so it did.It arrived in perfect condition and shipped super fast.Nope- still had a steaming problem.So I bought a 2nd one and it leaks while in use and when unplugged. The heavy duty pink iron has a powerful steam stream, heats up fast and easy to move around your clothes.I just put it on steam and I got a steam press.Only had it about three weeks but what I like the most is it heats up really fast after you plug it in and then it turns itself off.If you’re lucky to get a non leaking tank, watch for the temperature control button, which is directly beneath the steam and spray buttons and if you get too trigger happy you’ll inadvertently take your hot iron from “linen” to “nylon” in one tap.I don’t iron often, heck I hardly ever iron… so when I purchased this iron I had hoped, almost expected it would be great for years of use to come, especially as it’s made by brand that’s been around for over a century. Loved how easy it was to use & the feel of it as it glides across the material is pure quality! Did any of the reviewers actually use this iron? After reading reviews extensively, I chose this iron for its great steam, powerful wattage, long cord, and yes, the cute color.Expected more out of Singer.The biggest problem is the placement of the button.The steam button was great at first, but then it would get stuck, eventually the steam button quit working after about 13 months of use and now the regular steam doesn’t work consistently.After 3 months the steam button broke on the replacement, so we are now waiting for another replacement.My right wrist suffers with a little pain, not much, I would not want to lift this iron all day long[/review3][review4] I just got this and took it for a test drive.

    jNDRAt says:

    It’s just as functional as any other.The pointy tip really does make a difference and seamstresses, the long bird is awesome if you want to iron on your cutting board.Was really impressed with the finish and build quality.The only negative aspect is the digital control for heat: it is easy to accidentally hit it and change your heat setting.The one thing I don’t love is where the mode button is.I am a seamstress and a quilter and I really am happy with it.I only used it occasionally I’m not an everyday user yet the steam button is not functioning.I returned it for a replacement iron.I really like the way the tip of the iron helps with opening the seams.I bought this becauce it looked like it would be great for pressing open seams when sewing .When I pulled mine out the box, it had water stains like it had been used. I’m a quilter so I was needing an iron that didn’t turn itself off every 5 minutes or so.I called singer and have another iron coming to replace it but in the meantime we have no iron for a week.If you’re grasping the iron and wailing on a piece of linen it’s very easy to knock into the flat button with the side of your finger because of the placement.So as you are using it, the button tends to get clicked and you turn it off or move the settings.

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