Singer 3342 Sewing Machine White Reviews

Singer 3342 Sewing Machine White Reviews and Key Specs

  • 110 Stitch Applications
  • 5 Presser feet included to expand your machine’s capability for various techniques
  • Fast Drop & Sew bobbin placement for easy thread pick up
  • With a simple turn of a dial, select any stitch for your project
  • Use SINGER Class 15 Transparent bobbins

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New brothread 9 Basic Colors Metallic Embroidery Machine Thread Kit 500M (550Y) Each Spool for Computerized Embroidery Decorative Sewing Review

  • I’ve used many brands of metallic embroidery thread over the years and I’m pleased with the performance of this brand
  • This embroidery thread is AMAZING!! I tried another brand that was thicker (too thick) and it kept breaking on me
  • will make FSL Christmas ornaments
  • Updated review 10/27/2019: New Brothread contacted me on Facebook about my review, offered a refund if I deleted it, and told me there was greasy dirt on old batches of thread, and it had been remedied
  • I got my metallic thread last week

Snap On Open Toe Foot Appliqué Sewing Machine Foot – Fit for Most Singer Brother Babylock Household Low Shank Sewing Machine Review

  • My Brother CS6000i came with a zig zag foot with a plastic center
  • I have a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine
  • Super fast service
  • This foot does what it claims to do

New brothread 4pcs (2 Gold+2 Silver Colors) Metallic Embroidery Machine Thread Kit 500M (550Y) Each Spool for Computerized Embroidery Decorative Sewing Review

  • First, the good point — when I get get my machine to sew with it, the results are very nice
  • I have used so many other metallic thread and been so frustrated in the past
  • Sometimes that special embroidery project needs the extra oomph that only using metallicized threads will provide
  • Edit: The seller was kind enough to ship another box of only the vivid gold colors, however they should consider keeping a stock of them for the future
  • I didn’t like how the outline in my sweatshirt didn’t “Pop” so I bought some New Brothreads metallics
  • I got my metallic thread last week
  • The thread would break after stitching for a few

buyfitcase Handheld Sewing Machine Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Home DIY Travel Portable Sewing Machine Quick Handheld Stitch Tool for Fabric Clothing Kids Cloth8 Review

  • It doen’t work, I read carfully manual, and I set up everything the way instructed and still stiches don’t work
  • The one I got was definitely used and didn’t function properly so probably why it was returned in the first place and then resold to me
  • El producto no cose, no asegura la costura, es una pérdida de tiempo y dinero
  • Product came already used and part of it broken off
  • Piece of trash
  • Warning! read the the reviews

Serger Thread All-Purpose Thread for Sewing White Thread Polyester Sewing Thread 4 Cones of 3000 Yards Each Spool Thread for Sewing Machine Thread Review

  • I’m using this on my regular sewing machine (just stuck the spool in a pint jar behind my machine and threaded as usual)
  • I am currently in the process of making my daughter a bird costume and this blue is absolutely perfect and matches the fabric spot on
  • Used to make a Bengkung Belly Band and it came out gorgeous!! Love all the colors!! Surged over 16 yards of material and thread didn’t break once
  • I used it on inside seams of clothing made out of knit fabrics
  • The product arrives on time
  • these are nicely packaged and beautifully colored but I did not receive 3 distant variations as pictured

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hZDsh says:

She took classes last winter and this was a birthday gift from her grandmother, who sews too. Easy to use, light weight, quiet and has 110 different stitches.She is especially delighted with how easy it is to thread the needle and the different stitches that it offers Great portable gift for college student who enjoys making her own clothes and cosplay costumes for her friends. Works great and my daughter loves it.Good luck finding a replacement bobbin case from anyone but a Singer distributor, who charge $35 for this $10 part.Dont buy it.

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