Seeutek Shoe Repair Machine Hand Cobbler Sewing Machine – Cotton Nylon Line Manual Leather Stitching Machine for Shoes Bags Cloth Reviews

Seeutek Shoe Repair Machine Hand Cobbler Sewing Machine – Cotton Nylon Line Manual Leather Stitching Machine for Shoes Bags Cloth Product Reviews

  • 🌵 The shoe repair machine can sew different materials by nylon or cotton wire, such as high heels, cloth shoes,leather shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, as well as raincoats, leather bags,trousers, cloth, or other leather products.
  • 🌵 The leather sewing machine is made of iron, sturdy and durable.The bracket and body can be easily is assembled and installed and can be moved freely. Compact and simple structure takes up little space with appropriate height, perfect for everyday daily use at home.
  • 🌵 Simple installation and low maintenance cost,It will sew reliably and well once you get it assembled right.Before working, add a little lubricant oil to the moving parts.
  • 🌵 The distance between the needles of the shoe sewing machine can be regulated and the maximum width is about 6mm. The foot of this machine can be controlled. You can sew in any direction by turning the foot. The walking foot works well, users can well grasp the strength and accuracy of the machine operation.The arm allows you to enter inside of various shoes, where most other machines cannot go.
  • 🌵This hand cobbler sewing machine is manual, can well grasp the strength and accuracy of the machine operation, according to the process, can be suspended at any time. This is an advantage that automatic machines do not have.

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    3 thoughts on “Seeutek Shoe Repair Machine Hand Cobbler Sewing Machine – Cotton Nylon Line Manual Leather Stitching Machine for Shoes Bags Cloth Reviews”

    hGXmn says:

    You wont find anything like this, anywhere near this cheap.We haven’t given up on it, but it hasn’t been a high priority.Meaning, you’re paying just over a hundred bucks, don’t expect to receive Leather Machine Company quality.Someone just “forgot” to bore, tap and insert a wheel index pin into the shaft.Kept breaking thread.It looks to be made from the same mold as the other 2 machines i tried BUT shows more attention to details- even the bobbin winder works, whereas the other 2 were so sloppy they would not wind.Bow for the dirt ….like in other reviews I did not like the base that came with it just didn’t feel sturdy enough for me so a wooden base was made out of some scrap we had the bobbin winder was useless at first it wasn’t getting a good grip on the leading plate my solution I put some rubber tape around the plate an it works great now I have not sewed any projects yet but have been testing it on scrap an getting everything where I want it overall I am so happy with this cobbler it works great an at an great price I would definitely recommend this to anyone on a budget Base is weak but overall a good buy.It is what it is.I found helpful tips on YouTube.There is information on the internet and you can buy a manual to show you how to set it up.No modifications necessary.great….Some of the videos on YouTube are helpful to learn how to thread the machine and troubleshoot any operation problems.This machine came very well packed.So while they all look the same, and people call them gineese sewing machine, they are not all the same.I was skeptical.

    EsEJf says:

    I knew going into it that I had a lot of cleaning and polishing ahead of me to get this going properly.Finally gave up and returned it.Great little machine. Neet little machine works well POS.The instruction manual is very inadequate.No needles, wrench or anything else in the description.I cant believe amazon has this on a prime recommendation..Arrived grease covered, appeared used and missing some pieces, instructions look like a translation of a translation and provide little-to-no help at all.Patience is needed.It’s been too long to return it since I knew it mite take some work to make it work, I kept at it. Had this for a few weeks trying to get all the rough edges worked out of the machine but as soon as I got one resolved the thread would Frey and snap in a new location.

    rbaUlA says:

    .No me doy 5 estrellas por que requiere ajustes como limar filos de algunas piezas que afectan su funcionamiento inmediato. En lo personal no me funciono se veía un excelente producto, pero dejo de funcionar lo regrese y aún es momento que no recibo mi reembolso ya pasaron 20 días y ya recibieron el producto Lo utilizo para trabajos donde las máquinas rectas de mesa no llegan a costurar[/review5]<!– .

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