rxmeili Sewing Machine Portable mini Electric Sewing Machine for beginners 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speed with Foot Pedal,Light Storage Drawer Review

rxmeili Sewing Machine Portable mini Electric Sewing Machine for beginners 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speed with Foot Pedal,Light Storage Drawer Specs and Review

  • [Size and weight of sewing machine] Net weight of sewing machine: 2.4KG, size: 12.25.911.8 inches, suitable for household use, such as remodeling clothing, hand-made, sewing home decoration and other sewing needs.
  • [Sewing machine dual power and dual switch] Our sewing machine can be controlled by foot switch and button switch, whether you are a beginner or a sewing enthusiast, you can easily operate it, AC adapter and 4 AA batteries two power modes, battery mode is suitable for you to use when going out, remember not to use two power modes at the same time, otherwise the motor will be damaged.
  • [Sewing Machine User Guide] There are threading indication marks printed on the body, which can help you easily thread the thread. Whether you are a beginner or a sewing enthusiast, please watch the use video carefully before using it, which can help you create works more easily.
  • [Sewing machine 12 kinds of stitches and reverse stitching] Our household sewing machine has 12 kinds of stitches, 1-4 is the adjustment stitch length, 5/6 is the pattern stitch, 7/8 is the lock stitch, 9-12 is a curve stitch, just adjust the knob to the corresponding number, you can use the corresponding stitch. In reverse sewing, you need to keep pressing the reverse sewing switch to use the reverse sewing function.
  • [Precautions for use of sewing machine] 1. The battery and AC adapter cannot be used at the same time. 2. Incorrect operation will cause jamming or broken needles, please watch the video carefully and read the instructions before use. 3. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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3 thoughts on “rxmeili Sewing Machine Portable mini Electric Sewing Machine for beginners 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speed with Foot Pedal,Light Storage Drawer Review”

bxtuJ says:

It comes threaded + ready to sew.Wasn’t sure if it would be able to handle the thick material however to my surprise it did.It worked great for about four inches on a cloth hem then it popped and quit working. 😄 It’s a good price for everything that comes with it.But once I graduated from repairing holes and sewing small darts, I realized the machine isn’t of the most solid construction so it does not hold up to larger projects like full-on making your own clothes- my first machine’s needles kept on breaking while using the zig-zag function and the machine is finicky- everything needs to be perfect for it to work, and I wouldn’t recommend sewing any thicker fabrics or multiple layers of fabric.I have a full size machine, but I wanted a small portable machine to do quilting projects and to transport to our church quilting group, This machine is so much better.I was very skeptical at first, but it worked great.[/review2][review3] Very convenient and easy to use..It did take me a little to learn how to get the hang of it but it comes with good instructions and the video in the amazon ad really helped too.It’s not horrible but if you’re going to buy it, just make sure you won’t get mad if it runs a project because it jams.Stores very nice, and easy to follow instructions My sewing is broke[/review1][review2] Our daughter taught herself how to sew watching YouTube videos and this is a great starter sewing machine that she can easily navigate.

AhokW says:

Has all the basic stitching patterns you would usually use at a turn of a dial.They refused to understand the real problem.Also,the built in thread cutter is very useful and is in the perfect place.Would recommend for average sewer, not seamstress.It’s been inspirational.Gifted to experienced user; she could not set it up.We went to turn on and it started sewing by itself.I was able to hem a shirt with ease.They have always wanted to upgrade from the handheld sewing machine, so I am very happy to get this product.Did not sew one stitch.

myCeiT says:

Easy to use! Works well Excellent I love it!! I brought this sewing machine for my mom as she wanted an upgrade to her sewing.I cannot explain the amount disappointment I have in this product The sewing machine is great and easy to use.It’s small and easy to Handel and doesn’t need a special place. Machine was given as a gift and due to COVID couldn’t celebrate until now.They started doing home economics projects in school.[/review6]<!– .Sewing machine once turned on continually runs without the use of the foot pedal will only stop once you turn the button to off.All the lil extra items very poor quality.

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