Portable Sewing Machine Mini Electric Household Crafting Mending Sewing Machines Multi-Purpose 12 Built-in Stitches with Foot Pedal for Home Sewing Beginners Kids (Purple) Review

Portable Sewing Machine Mini Electric Household Crafting Mending Sewing Machines Multi-Purpose 12 Built-in Stitches with Foot Pedal for Home Sewing Beginners Kids (Purple) Product Reviews and Specs

  • 【Portable Sewing Machine】This household sewing machine is pretty lightweight, only 5.39 pounds, and small in size: 10.8 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches, it’s easy to store and designed with a handle. All sewing machines are equipped with a LED lamp, the foot pedal, metal threader, thread cutter, which is easy to operate and could meet almost all the needs of home sewing.
  • 【Multi-Functional & Compact】The newly upgraded mini sewing machine has a variety of intimate and practical functions: storage drawer, winding function, upper thread elastic adjustment, reverse stitch function, dual-threaded, 2-speed, double power supply design makes it easier for you to choose the mode that suits you most. Even sewing a button is a easy thing.
  • 【Perfect Gifts】Mini sewing machine could meet your DIY sewing needs: home decoration, crafts, prom dresses, pet clothes, etc., to make your life more colorful. The elegant and cute appearance makes it a best choice for you as a great gift to your friends, family or kids on Christmas, Mothers’ Day.
  • 【Safety and Energy Saving】Designed with a non-slip bottom pad and made of environmentally friendly materials, including UL-certified cables and 3C-certified power supplies. The electric sewing machine equipped with 6V in-line energy-saving power supply / 4 AA batteries (not included), the electric sewing machine also has an anti-slip mat on the bottom.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】Pls read the instructions or watch the instructional videos to make it easier and safer to use this mini sewing machine. If you have any questions about our products or have any dissatisfaction with our products, please contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution, including return and exchange or a refund!

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3 thoughts on “Portable Sewing Machine Mini Electric Household Crafting Mending Sewing Machines Multi-Purpose 12 Built-in Stitches with Foot Pedal for Home Sewing Beginners Kids (Purple) Review”

azOOx says:

This machine is cute, and when u figure out it’s twitches, it’s works fine for small projects or fixes.My only experience sewing was in school about 15 years ago, so I am not an expert.This is a good light weight SMALL machine for SMALL projects and repairs.She would rather go from novice to expert, but I have used fun exercises to practice following lines, then judging seam allowance while stitching. I bought it for my 7 year old granddaughter and she loved it but here are the things I did not like about it: it doesn’t have a built in light which makes it difficult to see without additional lighting; thread got tangled easily in the bobbin area, we spent a lot of time cutting out snarls; foot pedal was cheap and doesn’t seem it will hold up over time.I couldn’t get it to sew one single stitch.But, even when it is plugged in, it just doesn’t have much power.This seems to be able to do what I want and was easy to use, for this beginner.I used them to make mask and the fabric are cotton and thin.It does sew good with thin thread for quilt just takes a little time to adjust it .I had been hand sewing them but I figured my hands wouldn’t last long with tendinitis and the start of carpal tunnel in my wrists and hands.The stitching is better than expected she has already made her first pillow.She loves it! It’s small so it’s easy for her to maneuver, but still sturdy, so I feel like, unless she decides to taking up sewing masts for ships, there’s not much she couldn’t do on this machine.I like the various stitchings that this machine does.I had not expected that for a mini “toy-like” sewing machine.It also is not easy to use and is just as complicated as a typical adult sewing machine.It cannot handle very many layers of fabric at once.

fcMoF says:

It cannot handle very many layers of fabric at once. This machine was a total disappointment! I bought it for my 8 year old granddaughter to learn to sew.I’m disappointed it won’t work This Mini Sewing Machine Is Amazing So Easy To Sew .Con esta máquina todo eso no es necesario, es muy fácil y es práctica, me encantó el switch para prender, es muy útil para cuando no se quiere andar con el pedal y me encanta que pueda usarse con baterías para cuando no se tenga un enchufe.They offered me a couple of solutions without having to send the machine back.So easy to use and the small size makes it easy to move around as needed.Very well made .There is one thing, the thread in the bobbin sometimes gets tangled.I feel the video goes a bit fast and it would be cool if you replayed parts like loading a bobbin a slow time but otherwise, super cute, sturdy, will be great for travel.Just the basic stitches that do most of the work.That is the reason I will be sending it back.Before when I was putting in the batteries I noticed hair and a lot of other stuff on the bottom of the machine which clearly were not mine.The fabric was a little thick so there were some points it was a struggle, but overall got the job done and done well.I think this would be great for simple crafts but missing parts makes it very hard.Decent for the price for experienced seamstress.Very frustrating.She is very excited about fashion design and uses safety pins and clips to create looks with material….

VTSqBs says:

Cons: It is a little noisy. This little sewing machine was purchased in September of 2020 to simply sew personal masks because my old Singer had just failed.She wants Nana to teach her to sew.It is easy to use, threading was simple, and worked like a charm..I’m currently doubting that it can stitch through 5 layers as advertised.Easy to use and simple directions.Her mother can barely keep up with her demands for fabric and batting.I can recommend this for both rookies and those moderatly competent.Great beginner machine.The directions are very clear with sequence ordered pictures that help guide you in setting up and using the sewing machine. Difficult to thread through metal eyes.Can be a pain but overall good product for the price Ordered for my 10 year old granddaughter for Christmas.Trying to play around with this machine couldn’t get it to work at first, finally figured out that the thread was messed up at the top got it fixed and started to see just fine.It is a great little sewing machine for a beginner or experienced user.

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