NEX Sewing Machine Crafting Mending Machine Children Present Portable with 12 Built-In Stitches Reviews

NEX Sewing Machine Crafting Mending Machine Children Present Portable with 12 Built-In Stitches Reviews

  • Good for beginners and different speeds to ensure the safety
  • Please ensure the direction of the needle and the winding is fluent before sewing
  • Lightweight, portable and space-saving, light bulb for work space illumination, sew with DC 6V or battery with foot pedal
  • Multi-purpose sewing machine with 12 built-in stitch patterns, perfect for many home sewing projects such as altering and creating clothing, crafting, quilting, home decor and more
  • It is recommended to study the instructions in the package patiently before using. Of course, the operation video on the website will make it easier for you to use this sewing machine. Before children use it, they must have experienced adults to help them study it. The portable sewing machine comes with NEX At Your Side support offering free technical support via email for the life of your machine.

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    3 thoughts on “NEX Sewing Machine Crafting Mending Machine Children Present Portable with 12 Built-In Stitches Reviews”

    xUioa says:

    I bought it for my 6 year old great granddaughter who wanted to learn how to sew but I think it would be good for adults who have toyed with the ideal of learning to sew before investing in an expensive sewing machine.Because the tread kept breaking, as it has a piece of styrofoam on it that did not allow some of the spools to spin freely.I did open the box and it appears to be well made of sturdy materials.But I said hey they refunded me my money plus sent me a different machine..I will suggest to print in the manual a web site where people like me can see in detail how to operate this machine.It suits all that I’ll ever need it for which is sewing straight lines.I have a big fancy digital that is simply too overwhelming to teach with.I’m 18 years old & have been handsewing little projects for as long as I can remember.She has used this for minor alterations and for reinforcing the stitching on some old favorite clothes that I wish to keep for a little while longer.The thread broke constantly and would get tangled.Pros: light weight, can use any thread, although I do recommend finding skinnier spools of thread so that it can fit on the thread holder.I am not a “professional” seamstress by any definition but am quite capable of creating clothing that does not have that telltale “homemade” look about it.Easy to use.One for each granddaughter.While practicing with a piece of trash cloth I had, testing out the different settings, it jammed while using the number 9 setting it jammed.I bought the purple one.I bought this little “NEX” machine because it had good reviews.You need to supervise your child until they learn to see alone.

    hpGjo says:

    Ive have a tiny dressmaker for over 15 years and its starting to wear, jam etc.When that didn’t work, they sent me a brand new one.PerfectFor both a beginner as well as an experience sewer for quickprojects or repairs.We’ve been having lots of fun sewing.Worked fine for a few small projects, and then the machine started acting up, jamming the bobbin thread and causing messy stitching.We got it for her as a Christmas gift and she loved it! It’s true when they say big things come in small packages! this is so small it can fit into my backpack to take to school! I am a fashion design student at Parsons NYC.I started using it almost immediately just to see how it did and I was thrilled.For sewing two sheets of paper or adding a sewing design to greeting cards it is fine.It was very easy to learn how to use. I am a very new beginner to sewing machines.The needles it came with bent and broke because some of those fun patches are thick.Easy to thread, sews well, good bobbin tension.Will have to wait and see if it continues to work this well.Please note that this sewing machine does take adult supervision and a child should not be left alone until he or she has been completely educated in the proper use and safety I hardly ever used it and my mending pile was getting big.I’ve never used a sewing machine before so this was a royal pain to troubleshoot.Being disabled I was able to lift it and use independently.but after seeing the possibility of having a very small machine for the camper I went on the hunt… it arrived today and I tried it out and it worked wonderfully!!! Yippee!!I have only tried a little use but it looks very promising! It can be battery operated or plugged in .

    nRNxtK says:

    You have to be careful and baby it.Item received is similar to picture but is different name and model #.I can’t figure out how to contact the company for help either.I will save it for my granddaughter to do pillow cases for learning.The light stopped working, as well as the pedal! I think it may have to do with the ac adapter not working as it was getting really hot when plugged into the wall! Just sent the seller a request for a return, we’ll see how they respond!!!Revised: Company took the item back and gave me full credit with the return shipping included.This seems to working well after initial setup but some times the thread that goes through needle comes out for some reason.Love all the stitching options and the ruler is a plus.But it works great for her.It’s a very small kid’s beginner sewing machine.Fun stitches to choose from.I’m an experienced sewer but found this machine difficult to thread.Easy to use.We watched a youtube video that was for this machine and was able to know how to use it.The machine is great for small jobs and very easy to use.After 6 needles the machine just stopped sewing so I decided to follow the instructions in the manual about repairs but I could not find the hexagonal screw that is pretty crucial to the whole thing. Love this machine.The power pedal cuts in and out.Needles #2 & #3 while making a simple pouch .

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