Mini Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit Foot Pedal Adapter (Purple) Review

Mini Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit Foot Pedal Adapter (Purple) Reviews

  • 【Sewing Kit】It includes 32 bobbins, a scissor, 5 needles, a threader, a thimble and a seam ripper. This sewing kit is compatible to 201 sewing machine and provides more choices of thread in colors.
  • 【Beginner-friendly】Equipped with only one straight stitch mode, it simply the process on sewing. For beginners, this mini sewing machine would be a good choice to learn sewing.
  • 【Manual and Video】A detailed manual is attached on the box and it is easy to get access to the tutorial videos created by Varmax. We would like to suggest you to read the indication and watch videos before sewing.
  • 【Foot Controller and Adapter】Equipped with a foot controller and adapter, it would be helpful for fast mending. And the adapter is manufactured under the ETL standard for use in United State.
  • 【Wide Application】More applicable fabrics please refer to the detailed image on the product page. This sewing machine supports to sew pet clothes, shopping bags, table mat, apron, pouch and etc.

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      • Love how quiet the machine is and has wonderful straight stitches
      • I like the size of the machine, it is heavy enough that it does not vibrate when in use
      • First one was bought in 2014
      • I bought my Brother about 6 months ago
      • As a quilter of nearly 20 years and seamstress of 40+ years, I purchased this machine primarily to work with larger pieces for quilting and free-motion quilting as well has heavier garment fabrics such as denim and duck
      • Iv had this machine about 1
      • This was my first sewing machine, and I’ve had it for a little over a year now
      • This is the second machine I’ve ever owned, my first being a Brother Pacesetter PS-1250, vintage mid 90’s
      • The first time I used it was to sew long hems for curtains and wow it blew right thru them that was afraid of losing control but you just have to get used to the pedal
      • I have had this machine for going on a year and a half now, so I have given myself plenty of time to use it before writing my review

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        • The sewing machine is great, but I didn’t receive a brand new one

        3 thoughts on “Mini Sewing Machine with 42PCS Sewing Kit Foot Pedal Adapter (Purple) Review”

        mHxxH says:

        It is TINY though so with that if you overload it, the machine will have issues. I love that it does the job and tucks away easily.The light isn’t super bright but works pretty well still, and the material that comes with it is a great variety! easy set up.).I first tested this out to make sure everything was working on it.It’s easy to get the thread started.It does not come unthreaded easily or get tangled with the bobbin thread and jammed up like the mini machine I bought off the shelf at WalMart did. I want to preface this by saying I have never used a sewing machine before.She start to learn how to use it.It worked very well for my needs.I honestly won’t recommend this for a beginner.[/review2][review3] I bought this sewing machine for my 8 year old granddaughter.Es pequeña, muy practica para guardarla, no necesita mucho espacio y facil de usarla.It was going to be a gift.

        ahpsS says:

        It’s great, easy to use and she was able to grasp how to use the machine.I bought this machine b/c of its price and some good reviews.Seemed pretty decent for the start.Great Product.It’s nothing fancy but does the job for simple stiches.Once I saw a video tutorial I was a little more comfortable using this machine. Fácil de usar Its been a week since I received this item.Now let’s just say this sewing machine is definitely for beginners.I don’t think I would buy this if I were doing heavy or fancy projects but I think I’ll be able to get a lot of use this for my sewing I need to do.It’s sturdy and has enough power to sew through layers.I posted a picture of all items from package.It is strong enough to sew maybe two layers of denim, but I wouldn’t go any thicker.This came allPRethreaded even with a small piece of fabric to practice on.Perfect size! The only problem is the thread sometimes jams when trying to lock the seam because the machine does not have a reverse button.

        VyxDum says:

        I’m a first time sewer so this is a great product and it’s not too big or small.It does what you need it to do! Good sewing machine for beginners. The sewing isn’t great.Literally was sewing my Rank on Army uniform and has to re-thread the stupid machine after every other stich.This is absolutely perfect for beginners, it’s very compact and lightweight. It’s awesome for beginners! The only thing I haven’t figured out yet- or maybe it’s not for that- but if I could use it for jeans or material that is thicker.I like the product because it is user friendly .It does not reverse stitch with petal you have to manual reverse stitch.I originally purchased this machine just to get the basic idea of sewing and If I would like to pick it up. Easy to sew.I got this after looking at other reviews and decided it would be great for the price.This is her first sewing machine but it comes out of the box ready to go with great instructions.For the price it’s great! I take it with me when I travel, to sew simple stuff.It kept malfunctioning and I spent more time trying to fix it then actually being able to sew.Price is right for what I need it for.

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