MICHLEY LSS-505+ Desktop 12-Stitch Sewing Machine White Reviews

MICHLEY LSS-505+ Desktop 12-Stitch Sewing Machine White Reviews

  • Two-thread lockstitch
  • Replaceable Presser foot
  • Stainless steel rotary hook tip
  • Top drop-in magnetic bobbin for easy bobbin threading
  • Use hand switch or foot pedal to start

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  • I have been sewing for over 30 years on a Pfaff 1475
  • I go my sewing machine expecting it to be new and not used as I payed full price, but I was wrong I saved up money for this and am extremely disappointed
  • Great for quilting!
    Has the same dashboard as a Bernina
  • No manual
  • Like another reviewer, I received a used sewing machine
  • I am an experienced sewer who is looking to fine-tune my skills and work on a quality machine
  • I thought I was getting a good machine but I was so wrong
  • I bought this from a dealer because there was one close to me

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  • however we didn’t get this particular sewing machine we have ordered before from this company and got in the same machine for one of my other daughters
  • I’ve had my little sewing machine for over one year and I love it
  • Easy to use, bought for my sister, and she is crazy about it

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  • El producto se ajusta perfectamente al equipo PE-770, solamente me falta probar el tamaño jumbo
  • My brother F440e only came with one hoop 5×7
  • Produit acheté pour ma brodeuse Brother innovis 750e
  • J’ai acheté cet ensemble de cadres pour compléter celui que j’avais déjà d’origine sur ma brodeuse Brother Innovis f440e ; l’ensemble est arrivé très rapidement et je confirme que les cadres s’adaptent parfaitement à ma machine ; la qualité a l’air excellente et franchement à part une légère différence de couleur avec le cadre Brother,je ne vois pas de différence, tout fonctionne parfaitement, j’ai déjà fait une dizaine de broderies et je suis extrêmement satisfaite du résultat, pour une fraction du coût du maxi-cadre vendu une centaine d’euros dans le commerce de détail, vous disposerez de la gamme complète !!! Excellent rapport qualité/prix en ce qui me concerne, je recommande vraiment ce set de cadres
  • I telai sono perfetti! Li sto usando già da un po’ e non mi hanno dato problemi
  • I only gave this 3 stars because I haven’t used them yet so I can’t really comment , but they look good and I am looking forward to trying them one day
  • Ottimi per la mia brother fe440
  • Dies sind meine 2ten Stickrahmen – nun habe ich alle doppelt ! So kann man das nächste Stickteil bereits vorbereiten, währen das andere noch in der Maschine ist

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  • So I decided to explore the embroidery world and did some research on the best machines for a beginner
  • So, I ordered this for my wife
  • Bought this to use with my crafty daughter

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch Chain Stitch Machine Review

  • It wasn’t so easy to start understanding this machine, for some days I feel I’m just starting to understand it a little more, the thread keeps breaking and I keep unsure how to solve it, I think more tutorial videos are needed
  • This machine isn’t threaded for a first run around
  • Those of you who have used the wonderful Juki MO-1000 serger with it’s easy to thread design, will find the MCS-1500 Coverstitch another beautiful machine that sews a wonderful coverstitch, but is incredibly difficult to learn to thread
  • I recently purchased this machine
  • When I realized my new sewing business would require my having a coverstitch machine, I bought this one
  • I am VERY happy with this machine
  • Love love love my new Juki! I decided to up my sewing game by purchasing this coverstitch machine
  • So far, I’m really loving this coverstitch machine

3 thoughts on “MICHLEY LSS-505+ Desktop 12-Stitch Sewing Machine White Reviews”

vwsLl says:

It was very easy to set up, is a total blessing for anyone w/limited space and the company CS is fabulous!I learned to sew on the very heavy steel machines and was very scared to consider an electric one so the foot pedal on this was a big part of my decision since I can’t speed sew.So, when wanting to do little projects and basically anything with a zig zag stitch I needed something else.Lightweight to move around and store.First let me begin by saying that the booklet that comes with this machine contains very little information.This is a great machine for the price.The user guide was of no help to me but thinks to youtube I was able to work this machine easy.The bobin is easy to replace and pull the thread up from unlike others machines I’ve used in the past.I figured a small machine like this would be ideal to simply stitch the seam back up.As it is, I feel that the reviews have been spot on.It was frustrating but not a big deal.Good jobs.I somehow got the connection temporarily duck taped together.I gave it 3 stars because it takes some time to get it working right.It uses metal bobbins and tiny thread that you have to get from Michely/Tivak.Some said it did not work.Given this experience base, I am generally far less interested in fancy stitching than I am in even, no snag, straight lines.I was SO thrilled to get it early.I would not regret the purchase & the new small projects ideas keep popping in my head 🙂Pros1.Plus, it comes with 30-something tiny spools of cheap thread to help you start your thread collection.However, with my latest venture in teaching sewing I needed a small modern machine that I can take with me to clients’ homes.

rBtSs says:

00 in August, 2016 for personal clothing use.I purchased this machine mainly because of the price and that it had the basic features I thought I would need.When I took this little beauty out of the box I was very impressed! It’s lightweight and easy enough for her to move around with one hand, but not flimsy.She sewed all of her 4 kids clothes.My little Michley, which I’ve nicknamed “Mitch”, is fabulous for sewing on the go! Lightweight and extremely portable, I can take it out in nature to sew while hubby is fishing or swimming.Suggestions:1.For these types of ceremonies, the fabric is pre-selected and most people go to a Seamstress to have their garment professionally made.Finally got it right.Finally decided I would give it a try, and purchased this guy based on the good reviews here.I have my sewing room and that is where my Bernina stays.Sews like a big machine, but less noisy.When I set it up, the directions were OK for threading and getting to the bobbin thread, and H was able to learn it after a demonstration.I just needed it for small craft projects to make accessory items for my pets and any other little jobs around the house.I’ve always wanted a more heavy duty sewing machine, but since I don’t sew very often I thought I should just buy a cheap one.Granted I bought it used/like new, but I expected better.It took awhile to figure things out…this machine is not intuitive! After an hour of thread breaking and jamming, I finally figured out the problem.My mother taught me to sew on her nice sewing machine when I was a kid, but I didn’t want anything so bulky or expensive.One simple must have such envisagement setting up within the box of sewing tools just close to EVERYTHING NEEDED!As for Sewing Machine itself – it is prepared, only sit down and try! Has own two spools of thread, white and black, two smaller, metal bobbins, also one with white, one with black thread, needle’s threader and additional machine-needle.Wow, what a winner this gift was.

IURObz says:

I have never really done any sewing in my life, but I have a closet full of clothes that need mending or simple alterations and after I made it through my learning curve it was a dream.I bought this little machine because it was inexpensive and weighs about half what my other machine does.Up until I bought this sewing machine I had never ventured into the realm of sewing, so it has been a completely new experiance.I love that it is compact and can work with batteries.I wanted a machine she could learn the basics and safety of sewing with.The bobbin just drops in and I’ve never had any problems with it.Life like yet small.The machine is slow, which is perfect for doll clothes, if you are working with lighter fabric.First I threaded it, it is pretty standard to a normal sewing machine, meaning you need to do it right.It is small and plastic, but heavy and well built.I’m writing this one to hopefully help anyone who has the same problem I was having and that is the tangling of the thread from beneath as the machine sews and does about four stitches before it locks.).But this one has worked well for the short time I’ve had it.This machine so far surpasses my expectations and for the price is a great deal.I am adept at making anything that pops into my head and I have a wild imagination.Unfortunately when I received the package, the needle that was installed into the machine was bent but it did come with an extra one so I just replaced it.It appears exactly as in the picture.V.The foot switch is small and light weight.Wrong.

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