KPCB Tech Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners with 42 PCS Sewing Kit Reviews

KPCB Tech Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners with 42 PCS Sewing Kit Product Review

  • 【Certificated Adapter】Equipped with certificated adapter which would provides more stable output for strong stitching, this electric sewing machine also supports batteries powered with 4 AA batteries.
  • 【Double thread】Designed with double-thread as full size sewing machine, it is able to sew at most 5-layer fabrics without manual knot ending. Please turn the hand wheel to manual catch bottom thread before turning on the power as MANUAL indicated.
  • 【Mini Size】Measured in inches, this handy mini size is convenient to storage. And it is also an ideal size for kids or beginners to learn sewing.
  • 【Built-in function】It comes with a rewinding pole to refill the bobbins from large spools and a built-in light to enhance the light source when sewing. It is also designed with a thread cutter to help cut thread whenever necessary.
  • 【Accessories】It comes with 42PCS sewing machine kit including bobbins, scissor, measuring tape, thimble, needle threader and needles. We also provide an extension table, foot controller for convenient sewing. Please contact our customer service team if you need any assistance. Welcome to contact us to get different language of manual including Germen/French/Italian/Spanish/English/Japanese.

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      • When I took this out of the box my first reaction was to send it back
      • I’ve sewn since I was in my teens
      • Buttonholer never did work right and it couldn’t handle any kind of thickness like putting bias tape around quilted item and it had problems with fine fabrics
      • The machine looks great and has a lot of options for stitches
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      • This a cute and handy product
      • This was a basic kit just as described
      • These tools were just what I needed to fix my sewing machine
      • The kit had everything that a beginner could need
      • I had just purchased a sewing machine for the first time and I wanted some thread and other things
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      3 thoughts on “KPCB Tech Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners with 42 PCS Sewing Kit Reviews”

      tewbN says:

      They have been washed so many times that the tags are not readable.I had always wanted to try sewing but needing to make my husband a mask for work was my final push to finally investing into /something/.I didn’t want to invest in an expensive machine because I don’t do a lot of sewing.This machine is small, and basic with only 1 stitch.So I looked it up on Amazon.To save others money and not have to buy 3 machines, I decided to post my thoughts as far as making masks.She is 14 so I spent 20 minutes showing her the basics of machine sewing and then cut her loose.It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sew.Instruction manual did not fully depict graphics nor specify steps.Wouldn’t you know it? Not long after that I wanted to make curtains for a camper I bought and had no machine.But for my purposes it was GREAT! I was honestly looking for something low budget in case I bailed on my project or didn’t like sewing.All of these things are simple and this little machine could likely do the trick and it was cheap.Without a sewing machine right now and cannot make up my darn mind which one to buy,I want them all! But I need to repair,hem and make some simple items now, so thought I’d give this little thing a shot, first it arrived fast and I put it to the test! quite impressive that it sewed thick fabric layers without a problem, it is not too fast so good for beginners, but there is two speeds for the impatient .I held the thread out with my finger and let it go side to side on the bobbin so it would wind evenlyMy only negative comment is it don’t handle reverse.I expected nothing more.Yes it is simple to set up and start but it will not always be successful.It’s not fancy, but perfect for someone like me who is just sewing very occasionally.I can’t speak for how effective it will be long run as I have only used it for a few weeks but in that time I’ve made 20 pillows, and 36 tebby bears with no issues at all.Second issue is the bottom bobbin kept popping out and the needle getting jammed.

      aVeJG says:

      .Once it’s tightened it sews fine.she found it easy to set up and start, but we are stuggling to adjust the tension.I needed to reinforce an 84 in seam on my duvet cover.It can only do one stitch though I bought this to see if I really want to get into sewing or if I’d even be good.I have changed the rating from one star to four for the customer service but overall would say it’s a 3 1/2 star for the product.Doing my own minor clothing fixes and sewing my own masks are two of them.It’s very easy to learn to use, I purchased extra bobbins for her to use of different colors, she’s very pleased.Only thing is that is fragile and get broken easily…no made for heavy garments but it can help sew shirts, undergarments, socks.I had never owned a sewing machine before and figured out this machine in just a half hour.It’s small.I actually ended up having to return it because the bobbin winding part is not functioning .Most companies won’t even bother responding to a complaint.I thought why not try this machine since its small and compact as well as a great value.I figured it out in minutes and sewed several curtains for my has been great so far.I cropped a pair of pants to make them to capris and they are holding up so far.

      BgyuSm says:

      Also, never do bobbins on this one, it will cause thread detached later!!Bottom line, it is just marginally meet my every day simple needs to repair and make something simple.It works great, not for fancy stitching but it’s great for beginners as well as for any quick stitching work if you don’t feel like using the bigger sewing machine.Used it to straight stitch piping required for re-upholstery on dining room chairs. Machine is great for beginners.I just retook sewing so not having to spend an arm on a sewing machine drew me to this purchase.Easy, lightweight, dependable.Threading is hard with adult hands, and I did have to help her a few times when it pulled the thread out of the needle .As other reviews said, this mini sewing machine only provides basic functions.Probably not something you would like to use for large projects since it does not back track and has only 1 simple stitching.Easy to use but 4 stars only because instructions are hard to read and understand.I was looking for a small table top model that could handle some straight stitching.I need to hem my PJs since they are much too long but I did not want to get out the heavy-duty machine.It was easy to assemble and get going.Big projects are tricky.Don’t be fooled by its small size as it is very powerful.seriously needs a brighter light bulb in it, and a reverse stitch would be so helpful! but it works great, i made a face mask real quick to get used to it![/review6]<!– .

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