JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing Quilting Machine White Reviews

JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine White Review

  • JUKI full size Exceed series machine for sewing and quilting
  • 106 stitch patterns 3 fonts for versatility and simplified use with free arm
  • 16 Automatic electronic sensor controlled buttonholes included
  • Automatic one touch needle threader and automatic thread cutting
  • Wide extension table optionally available

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3 thoughts on “JUKI HZL-F300 Sewing Quilting Machine White Reviews”

cCpfi says:

If you’re an advanced user, this review will probably not be helpful to you.The applique stitch is superb!!! I can set this machine to automatically back stitch and then cut my thread.I saw a Juki HZL-f300 at a super price on Amazon.I tried everything to solve it (new needle, oil under bobbin, etc.She’s been using it for almost a year now and loves it.After my research I chose the F300 because of button hole accessory was very different than others I have had that didn’t work well.Love this machine more! ❣️ After reading all the positive reviews on this model I ordered it.It was surprisingly easy to set up, and figure out and thread.I love the decorative patterns .The factory preset for tension isn’t where I would need it to be.We rolled the dice and went with Used-Like New.I love the features and the only difference between all levels of the exceed f series are the accessories.This machine is good.I do have an Emore embroidery machine that I rarely use.On bad days it jams pretty easily and the patterned stitches are difficult to perform uniformly.Awesome features and runs very smooth.I already had the higher-priced HZL-F600 and LOVED that machine.I sew lots everyday.Love the needle threader on this machine.

AseKo says:

Love the needle threader on this machine.I was a little intimidated by the power but when I got it, it was so easy to use.it’s made with an under plate and it doesn’t get stuck in one place when it comes in contact with the thickness of a seam allowance like other lesser machines.Excellent buy and value for my money.I’ve owned a Kenmore & 2 Janome machines.I used my previous machine’s quilting feet and I bought the knee lifter and I am so loving quilting on this machine.Threading the machine, and needle, takes seconds.So far I have made clothes and done piecing and free motion quilting with no issues at all.It doesn’t have millions of decorative stitches, but I don’t l care about that.the automatic threading and cutting works very well and easy on my eye.With retirement looming, I wanted to upgrade to an computer directed sewing machine.I have not used it long enough to tell about any issues, but I will update my review after i have had enough experience with it.Even with only slow and slower as the speeds, I loved the features and stitching on it!Second machine is sewing at various speeds and seems to be working great! I was able to sew through 20 layers with no issue at all, and it didn’t even slow down as it switched from 4 layers to the 20! The presser foot glided over the bump without me having to adjust or ‘help’ it like I used to do on my old Brother machine.New machine arrived, worked great ….It’s easy to use and has plenty of space to move quilts around.It is so easy to use.U must press on top with ur foot in an unnatural position.The stitches still came out nice and it still pushed thought the fabric but it sounded like it was struggling a little.Great machine, with lots of features.So far, I’ve not experiencedany frustration with my sewing – just plain enjoyment.

rsMHgC says:

It came highly recommended by my sister who is a huge Juki fan!! I’m so pleased with my purchase, it has done everything I thought it would and then some! I highly recommend this product! Thank you Juki for making such a user friendly machine! I love it!! Review by Vicki NangleI haven’t had the time to use even a fraction of it’s features,BUT I love what I have used. This machine was so easy to learn especially since I had stopped sewing for over 12 years and my previous machine was from the 80’s.It was super easy to learn, and it sews beautifully.Stitching is smooth.Was able to wind my bobbins, thread the machine including using the auto-threader, and all of that was very slick.Took it out of the box and quickly began sewing new projects, no adjustments needed.Sewing in this machine feels like driving an expensive car: quiet, powerful, and comfortable.But then I quilt.Has all the bells and whistles but I haven’t had it long enough to really appreciate or make a meaningful review.It’s a powerhouse! Great machine.Sturdy and smooth, full of features.I sent the machine back and purchased another one of the same style.I love my Juki! Just purchased this machine not too long ago after a lot of research and I’m very pleased.post-content –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.

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