Janome Pink Lightning Basic Easy-to-Use 10-Stitch Portable Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm only 5 pounds Review

Janome Pink Lightning Basic Easy-to-Use 10-Stitch Portable Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm only 5 pounds Key Specs and Product Reviews

  • Portable, Compact Sewing Machine Perfect for beginners, alterations and sewing on the go
  • 14 Built-In Stitches including straight, zigzag, crescent with two needle positions
  • Free Arm, Accessory Storage, Easy Reverse and only five pounds
  • Threading Diagrams & Top Drop-In Bobbin with clear cover makes for easy set-up
  • Presser Foot with Finger Guard protects little fingers

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        3 thoughts on “Janome Pink Lightning Basic Easy-to-Use 10-Stitch Portable Compact Sewing Machine with Free Arm only 5 pounds Review”

        pbHMr says:

        That said as described it does not have a light and do find that an issue especially for threading the needle.It is very small and looks more like a kids type Machine but I still really like it because I don’t sew much.Thought this is a great idea because it’s basic, lightweight and reasonably inexpensive compared to others.I have to say I did love it the couple times I used it.Good directions and you can also find helpful YouTube videos too! I been using this for a month and love it! Only thing I wish it had was an extender table.Having many years of experience sewing, I really felt that she needed to wait until she was 8 years old so that she did not get frustrated and end up hating sewing.If you want to learn about adjusting and fiddling with and the ins and outs of sewing machine operation, then this will be fine.It went right through 6 layers of flannel & was easy to thread and figure out.I don’t sew myself so we needed a simple affordable machine.Disappointing.Make sure you have strong thread, nothing cheap.I’ve been making them until now with the singer hand quick sew and it has gotten frustrating using that thing.This machine is for my new hobby of paper crafting.I had to push it through or help it through.Cons: no built in light, yes you can add a clip in light but Threading is difficult without a built in light.They had to have assistance threading and it took me a few tries.Some craft projects renewed my interest.

        oqRYR says:

        First off it came missing parts I called Amazon and they referred me to the company when I finally reached someone they sent out the missing parts it was just a let down getting something for Christmas and not being able to use it.I have big, fancy Janome machines, so I felt more comfortable choosing this over the generic ‘toy’ portables.(I worked OK for the first few projects.I have 2 girls that are almost 6 and 8.It was very easy to set up and use Purchased the Janome\New Home Portable Sewing Machine for a five year old who has been wanting a sewing machine for over a year and a half.Very well made.After reading some reviews on children’s sewing machines I settled on the Janome which was touted as being one of the higher quality machines in it’s class.I can take it over to my sister’s house if her and I are working on something together just as easily as I can take it from room to room in my own house.She had outgrown the “sew cool” felt machine and was inspired by Project Runway Jr.This is a great running light weight machine that I have confidence in while I relearn so much.Lars) With this machine I can do just about everything that I do with my full sized one.If my niece had been interested in sewing, I would have kept it for her.I ordered pink and received the blue and pink instead but otherwise great purchase.After a few lessons, she can easily use it with just a little supervision.My nieces 8 and 11 have been sewing for a few years with my supervision when I visit.It’s worked perfectly fine for me so far for several months, and even worked through jeans.I got tired of my relatives buying me oversized clothing and never wearing it, so for the price of 2 shirts I bought this and learned how to hem, essentially giving me about 10 more usable shirts.However, I do have two complaints: 1.

        pCfpYy says:

        The fact that it’s mint green and looks great in my room is a plus! I’m not doing any large projects at the moment, so it meets my needs perfectly.I researched a lot and finally picked this one.This works great for all of that.Lightweight, easily stored, priced well.I read many of the reviews before I purchased this little gem, and so was not surprised or disappointed in any way.She has much better control of the machine and the fabric than she did on my machine.After one class, I was told by my instructor that it is TOO basic, lacks some features that make leaning to see easier (a light and removable feet, and thread cutter, for example.I told them I needed it back so I could return it but I just got it back on Valentine’s day which is 2 weeks too late to return the sewing machine.Granddaughter has been making lots of things, including masks.It works and would be great for a child.I myself have never used a machine and was a little nervous about the whole thing.It’s a tiny sewing machine, making it very portable.We’re very happy with it.It doesn’t like bulky fabrics or too many layers, but it is perfect for her to learn on and I use it for repairs and to make her doll clothes.Nice little machine for my uses so far.This machine is great, very easy set-up right out of the box.In everyones elses reviews with it getting caught, you have to make sure that the bobbin and the threads are facing the correct direction.According to her, while this is a basic machine, it can do everything she needs.I figured I needed a small handy sewing machine to get me started again and it is great.

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