IRONWALLS Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine Manual Heavy Duty Hand Shoe Repair Mending Sewing Machine with Needles Leather Stitching Sewing Machine for Canvas Cotton Linen Bags Cloths Tents Review

IRONWALLS Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine Manual Heavy Duty Hand Shoe Repair Mending Sewing Machine with Needles Leather Stitching Sewing Machine for Canvas Cotton Linen Bags Cloths Tents Review and Key Specs

  • 【Versatile Sewing Machine】IRONWALLS hand sewing machine can be used with nylon line & cotton line, supporting high sewing thickness, which is suitable for repairing high heels, cloth shoes, leather shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, as well as raincoats, leather bags, trousers, canvas tent, etc.
  • 【High Quality Material】This shoe repair machine is made of tough iron, sturdy, durable, long service time and work perfectly with no noise.
  • 【Easy to assemble】Need to be assembled on your own, however very straightforward and takes only a few minutes. It will sew reliably and well once you get it assembled right. Before working, add a little lubricant oil to the moving parts.
  • 【Clever Design】The foot and needle of this sewing machine rotate 360 degree. You can slide a tall boot on and sew a complete circle or whatever without needing to rotate the boot.
  • 【Benefits of manual machine】Manual shoe repair machine can well grasp the strength and accuracy of the machine operation. You can control the speed and adjust it at any time, ideal for DIY.

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    3 thoughts on “IRONWALLS Leather Cobbler Sewing Machine Manual Heavy Duty Hand Shoe Repair Mending Sewing Machine with Needles Leather Stitching Sewing Machine for Canvas Cotton Linen Bags Cloths Tents Review”

    TQAWr says:

    Once get going it works, it has a learning curve that one must endure.Instructions are bad translations from Chinese into English. The other reviews have been pretty accurate.Throw out the dumb tripod, it’s worthless.I was very skeptical. Very good for the price.It will be a bit oily and seem crudely made , but for the money it’s a working machine! If you never used one before, there isn’t any manufacturer support and bare bone instructions in the box.You need to be aware that it is a rough casting and will need cleaning and adjusting to get it to work well for you.However, they’re all pretty much universal in how they come.I tossed the 3 legged stand and made a mount with 2x4s, cleaned up a few rough areas, watched a youtube video or two and went to sewing.I spent some time wiping it down.Also missing was the thread and spool holder mount.It was well thought out.I just wiped the oil off and used it! I would love to do some cosmetic work and upgrade it like some do on YouTube.It is a non-functional item.

    lyVha says:

    comFor sewing leather.Lightly file and sand in the machine looks amazing.Instructions for setup in English would be useful. Cheap chinese junk. Price was good.I have not been able to get it to see anything past a couple stitches before the thread breaks.After about an hour ,I was able to fix the arch on a pair of high top cowboy boots.Will require some cleanup and tuning to perform well, but it is not difficult.Fit and finish is rough like all these machines but it’ll do the job and there’s just no way you can beat the price. I will be returning this product due to lack of good assembly instructions, poor build quality and just poor overall feel.They really went to extra mile on packaging.[/review4][review5] Had to rework the configuration.Coolest part nobody mentions is that the foot and needle rotate 360 degrees.I had a little trouble setting the thread tension on it but once it’s set, the machine runs great.

    AWyFnJ says:

    Washers on wrong side of arms.entry-content –><!– .Don’t waste your money.The wheel was chrome, bobbin wouldnt grip it.But, overall sturdy and stout with a reassuring customer service center.Keep it oiled and clean and works great .Like others have pointed out, deburring isneeded to clean up way more sharp edges than should be on the machine.It’s going back[/review5][review6] Haven’t used it much let you know after.

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