Hoxinlong Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Kids Sewing Machine with Reverse Sewing 2 Speeds Double Thread with Foot Pedal DIY Sewing Accessories (White) Review

Hoxinlong Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Kids Sewing Machine with Reverse Sewing 2 Speeds Double Thread with Foot Pedal DIY Sewing Accessories (White) Specs and Product Review

  • 【The Perfect Household Sewing Machine Set】It has the accessories needed for sewing, such as 50pcs 4” x 4”Cotton Fabric, 16pcs colorful bobbin thread, extension table, etc. You don’t need to spend extra money and time to purchase these accessories separately, as long as you purchase this sewing machine set, you can easily get them!
  • 【Reverse Sewing & Metal Hook Head】At present, most small sewing machines in this price range do not have a reverse stitch function and most of the hook points in the market are plastic, and the easy card line is not durable. Hoxinlong electric sewing machine adopts all metal hook head, which has stronger wear resistance and is not easy to get stuck.
  • 【Dual Power & Double Switches】2 power supply modes with AC adapter and 4 AA batteries(not included). Our household sewing machine is with pedal switch and push button switch, designed for new sewing machine beginner. Easy to start the sewing jobs.
  • 【Portable Size and Suitable for Beginners】Net weight: 2.5 pounds, Size: 7.48″ 3.54″ 7.7″. A new generation of motor provides greater piercing power for thick seams, can sew through a variety of thicker fabrics and allow you to sew a variety of projects such as altering and creating clothing, crafting, quilting, home decor and more. Good for beginners and different speed to ensure the safety.
  • 【Great Gift & Customer Service Guarantee】The mini sewing machine is suitable for both beginners and children. It is the best gift for Christmas, Children’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, and other festivals. Please do not hesitate to contact us by EMAIL if there is any issue about operation. We are always here to assist every customer.

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3 thoughts on “Hoxinlong Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners Portable Kids Sewing Machine with Reverse Sewing 2 Speeds Double Thread with Foot Pedal DIY Sewing Accessories (White) Review”

vLWUe says:

I thought it was used and returned it.Super simple and gets the job done.I bought some shirts that needed some adjustments on the sleeves and a couple that needed repaired.After two hours and beyond frustrated it’s going back.Light weight and compact for storage.You get what you pay for… I didn’t like the product because it was catching the bottom thread. It was working fine up until yesterday! Now when I start to sew the thread jams under feed dog, machine shudders and fabric is caught under feeddog.Very easy to use.

AWiyu says:

I felt like product came to me damaged Too cheap looking It would not work Arrived broken I use this machine to sew my tee shirts since they are always long on me.You can have a minimal outlay of money and see if this is really what you like.Since that time I’ve been trying to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement for the foot pedal that doesn’t work.A couple of really neat things is that, 1.It is still pretty effective.There are different sewing speeds, which is great when you’re just learning.This is really good for a basic unit, until the thread gets stuck.The instructions are just okay.i am a beginner and finally i get to sew again after very many years.My only issue is it immediately got jammed when I first tried to use it and the instructions are extremely difficult to read.I like the small size of this because it doesn’t take up too much space.This little machine is actually pretty fantastic.Great for limited space and especially for beginners. [/review4][review5] It didn’t work.

GqQaJW says:

I threw it out.[/review5]<!– .

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