HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2-Speed Double Thread with Foot Pedal Review

HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2-Speed Double Thread with Foot Pedal Product Review and Specs

  • 1.Small and Portable: This mini sewing machine is made of plastic, has a perfect size and light weight can easily carry and move to any place to use it.
  • 2.Double Switch: Can choose hand switch or foot pedal to start, will be very interesting.
  • 3.2 Lines Design: Sewing design have bottom line and surface line gives you stable and high quality sewing for your all projects, can stitch on any fabric from delicate silks to denims
  • 4.Double Speed: Low or high speed, the speed can be adjusted so that novice, children or a master can operate it easily. Suit for sewing beginner,recommended for ages 13 and up,a simple DIY family life sewing machine.
  • 5.Before You Use: It’s important and necessary to read instruction before using. Moreover, It’s a teaching video here. Welcome to contact us if have any questions

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3 thoughts on “HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine Portable Sewing Machine Adjustable 2-Speed Double Thread with Foot Pedal Review”

UhcOq says:

Mini and cute, easy to use .The only down side is that there is no backstitching.However, this little machine saved the day.First time I used the machine, it smoked a little which was alarming.Solo me incomodó que se mueve debido a su poco peso, pero lo solucioné con cinta engomada por los dos lados I bought this in April of last year.I just had some issues here and there of the sewing not being consistent and sometimes would get jammed.But the machine is a little too compact, tried to sew a pant but the gap between the needle when pulled up, is not enough to get a thick piece of fabric in.The pedal is flimsy and broke after one day of use and now doesn’t do anything when plugged in.Since I can fly a plane, build computers and write software, I figured that between the 2 of us, we could figure out how to use a “less than $25 device” designed for kids and beginning sewing adults..However it does get stuck now and then and will chew through thicker fabrics or items with multiple layers I bought this on a whim to make an hilarious costume for me and my noble steed.It had a few moments where the top string would slip out, but I honestly feel that’s me screwing up what I’m doing here and there.It’s very very basic as it only has one stitch and one direction so for a back stitch you’d just have to sew forward over the same section twice.Its important to follow directions and not use slippery or knit fabrics, though.it does the light projects .So the customer service was phenomenal.It’s cute but if you want to sew get a better one than this, it’s better to learn on a more advanced machine than to fight with this one.

KFreN says:

I have been using it to fix my girlfriend clothes, dresses, legging pants and she loves it.With that being said I needed something around the house because I was so tired of sowing and mending by hand.Very cheap machine waste of money.This little easy to use machine has given her the confidence to pick up the hobby again.I got this for one halloween costume.It’s light plastic, so if dropped will have to be replaced.A bit too lightweight actually, but what do you expect for twenty five bucks.I was very excited when I fixed my first pair of pants with this machine.This little one gets the job done.My only complaint is it is small so maneuvering material and lining up my seams was tough for something that is toted as good for beginners.I should add that you can’t sew thick material with it because there is not much space between the needle and the housing.I often find myself doing small DIY projects to either alter an existing dress I own or make a simple one from scratch.This is the only option for guys like me that don’t want to hand sew but don’t want to throw clothing away either.to start, the box was damaged and there was another persons hair in the box.The machine moves easily-it is light, so I secured it to the table.My husband laughed at me, thinking it would be more cheap plastics to throw away.The thread that comes in the bobbins are absolute crap and often bunch up and seize the machine.once you get the tension right and the machine is threaded correctly, it will do what it is made to do.The key things to remember with the machine is that the bottom bobbin holder is made of plastic, not metal like in other machines.

kjAqDF says:

It is very easy to use.And I am happy to say it did the job.I just dont like how you cant use any string and have to spool it onto their little ones.Hopefully I will have the time to just sit down and work this out.Both turned out better than expected! I’m thrilled that I have reduced my hand work by 90%! I love this small sewing machine! I have never taken a sewing class or used a sewing machine before today. I tried to use it to fix a rip in a pair of pants.I’ve fixed my jacket, my favorite knit hat, shirts and even a pair of denim pants!! It felt pretty cool learning how to sew and once you get the hang of the flow fixing tears, rips and holes becomes easier and easier!! This Sewing Machine is easy to use and works perfectly!! Yea it would be a lot cooler if it was bigger but the price you pay for this Sewing Machine is nothing!! This is a MUST BUY an ABSOLUTE AMAZING BUY!!! I’ve had mine for almost a year.I’d definitely recommend plugging it in, rather than using a battery, because the battery drained quickly and slowed the machine down… but it’s a perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to use it for small projects.Works great.You can also use foot pedal switch or push button switch to start to sew.I was able finish shortening 7 curtains, and that’s all I wanted it to do.At first I struggled to get the machine going and had to read the direction book several times before I got the hang of it.(Side note: The directions that came with the produce weren’t super clear, but it was easy to find tutorials on YouTube.I spent a lot of time reading the reviews and believe it will be perfect for my daughter with three small children and limited space.It doesn’t work well with thicker materials or to many layers so the folded masks were tougher to make.[/review6]<!– .

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