DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini with 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speeds Double Thread EmbroideryFoot Pedal Review

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini with 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speeds Double Thread EmbroideryFoot Pedal Product Reviews and Specs

  • 12 preset stitch patterns simplify the learning curve for beginners, allowing them to complete more complex projects
  • Choose between 2 speeds (high or low) and hand switch or foot pedal i suitable for sewing beginner and complex projects.
  • with a built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width, free arm, and on-board accessory storage
  • perfect for craftspeople,small projects or DIY enthusiasts using at home.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. It is necessary to read the instructions before use sewing machine.

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  • This machine is great for me due to I’m a beginner
  • Very disappointed with service and machine
  • Bought that for $120 (tax included) Easy to use, has 59 stitches, and works fine
  • I have always had either Singer’s or Brothers in the past
  • I already had two embroidered computerized machines, just wanted to add one only for sewing simple things but this machine is ok for kids or basic learner, quite loud and basic old style
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    3 thoughts on “DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini with 12 Built-in Stitches 2 Speeds Double Thread EmbroideryFoot Pedal Review”

    bLxOy says:

    I managed to sew a simple quilt for my grandson without much trouble.This machine was perfect.I only want to do some simple alterations of my clothes since I am short so it is hard to find clothes that fit my size LOL.It is simple to use and once we went through all my rules I let them sew a simple pillow with straight lines.I had a problem with its function but the seller immediately changed the product.I saw in youtube how to troubleshoot it however I need a spare part which I can’t find on amazon.Easy enough for a beginning sewer to use and great for an experienced seamstress.After reading the instructions I set to work on re-learning how to sew.But it can not handle anything thick such as jeans without popping a needle.It is enough for beginners but experienced seamstress might be frustrated..It’s a perfect size to store when not in use.Lo único que no me gusto fue que se me hizo bien difícil bregar con la bobina porque en las instrucciones no me era muy claro como usarlo, pero al final ya pude entender un poco más.I purchased this mini sewing machine for her while she stays with me.Espero no se dañe pronto.I’m not sure if this is normal but it came threaded with fabric already sewed under neath the needle.I used it today so I can become familiar with its use before teaching her how to use it.It can’t go through much more than two layers of thin cotton.It has several stitches, but many are just variations in stitch length.

    SGHZX says:

    My wife could not get it to work to her liking so I had a crack at it.however, I do like that it’s very light weight and it’s a great little sewing machine for small spaces I purchased this and another version and both of them stopped working! this one in less than a week and will be returned, the other which I purchased for a friend as a git stopped working within 3 months of purchase after the return window had just ended, don’t waste your money with these cheap machines, they are constructed using very cheap plastic and very thin metal parts and will cause you more headaches with string breaking, tiny spools of thread that hold hardly any thread at all, save your money and buy a more respectable machine, I am horrified at the quality of these machines, money thrown in the garbage told my friend to throw hers away and I would replace with something nicer I’ve given it multiple opportunities to be good, but it’s terrible.Its kind of adorable, I really like it.And when your work is done, it can be placed where you could not place a full size machine.It simply does not work.Great for a starter.She loves it I just received this today and took it out right away.It is very easy to navigate.I preferred using the pedal to have more control.The machine kept stopping when she was trying to sew.After looking in the bobbin section, when I took out the bobbin Needle was hitting the bottom plate.It has many different features that offer a wide variety of creative options.I no longer could lift the cast aluminum head on my 55 year old cabinet sewing machine and this is a fantastic first time trying to use a sewing machine kinda disappointed but it’s really pretty tho I’ve had this machine for 6 months and I was really happy with it at first, but now I can’t stand it anymore.

    KQPNiA says:

    She’s beyond thrilled and made a pillow her first try, with some help from Grammy. It’s a little louder than I’d like, and the bobbin cover easily slid off and was lost within the first half hour, but other than that it seems great so far..Thread breaks and un threads.Easy to you. Just started sewing and I love it! Very easy to use Bought this machine in April and the battery compartment doesn’t work.I took it on a long cruise where I used it to sew parts to a quilt.Will update if anything changes but so far its great.I was looking forward to using what I thought was my BRAND NEW sewing machine.she like it very much, this machine has light and easy to use and looks beautiful, soft pink:)Recommend!! Very good product.I have been using it to sew on card stock for my scrapbooking projects.It’s about time size or a binder.

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