Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine Strong & Tough 50 Built-in Stitches LCD Display 9 Included Feet Reviews

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine Strong & Tough 50 Built-in Stitches LCD Display 9 Included Feet Product Review and Key Specs

  • 50 Unique built-in stitches: The ST150HDH features 50 built-in standard, utility and decorative stitches including 5 auto-size buttonholes
  • Advanced needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing machine includes an advanced needle threading function that easily pushes the thread through the needle with the press of a lever and a jam resistant drop-in top bobbin
  • Included accessories: The STH150HDH heavy duty sewing machine comes with 9 sewing feet, set of heavy weight sewing needles, instruction manual and more
  • LCD Screen: View your stitch selections, stitch size and recommended sewing foot on the LCD display
  • At your side support: The ST150HDH sewing machine comes with Brother at your side support offering free technical support via online, live chat or phone for the life of your machine
  • This product is intended for sale only in the US at 120 volts, and any other use or sale voids the warranty.

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      3 thoughts on “Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine Strong & Tough 50 Built-in Stitches LCD Display 9 Included Feet Reviews”

      wxIqG says:

      Forgive the tower of Pisa stitch, I was marvelling at it forgetting to look where it was going.I’m a sewing amateur who’s made this purchase for the occasional clothing repairs, to put together some cloth bags for my woodworking dust collection system, and to sew up some curtains for my apartment.Have had it for couple of months and will most definitely update if something worth noting happens.Within hours it makes sewing pretty easy.Thus far, no major issues.It was a Singer Esteem and it frustrated me to no end.With a 16 needle, it easily sewed a new hem on shortened jeans.I have a serger from Brother that I love, and I wanted to love this sewing machine too.I have used it 2 to 4 hours everyday.And also were the spool holder is makes it only usable with small spools of thread.This machine does its job.I am not a quilter or dress maker but I do use a machine for mending and hemming.I loved that machine! But it needed repaired and there’s no one around to do that kind of work anymore and Sears has closed.Tired of paying someone else to hem and alter my clothes.After regular use of heavy canvas fabric and even leather it’s still going strong.One feature I hate is that when you turn the machine on, the needle is on the left, not centered.Will be putting it to work on curtains next but expect it to do well.

      XZyXz says:

      I don’t think I paid $100 for it.The automatic needle threader does not work, and the plastic part ultimately fell off and then the metal part hangs down and interferes with the presser foot.It is well made with metal parts inside.I wanted a heavy duty machine to make masks and originally looked for the Brother ST371HD, which is mechanical, but could only find ones that people had purchased for resale at a large premium.I’ve had four different ones in my lifetime and I’ve always had a problem with the bobbin catching.I really didn’t want to spend for a new industrial machine nor the headache of a used one.So easy to thread! Wonderful to use.It is truly worth the money, thanks again Brother!! So far working great This is the most perfect sewing machine for what I need .So glad I chose this one.The thing that kept this from being a 5 star is the automatic needle threader.It would have cost as much to repair as this new Brother machine cost, so I upgraded myself.I have 2 older Brothers machines but need something heavy duty so I ordered a Singer 4452 and it broke after the third time I used it.I own several machnes because i do tailoring and alterations but wanted a machineI could use to work on specific jobs like doing jeans hems original hem and other heavier fabrics and so far i am not diappointed.I went back tomy trusting Brother brand! Only request is to have the thread cutter lower back of machine and to have the needle rise up when done sewing.When I noticed it was almost $150 cheaper on Amazon, I was reluctant, thinking there was something off.I have never owned a Brother before.

      XpwMLC says:

      ) are not well marked.I’ve not had any issues at all wit the machine and use it weekly.It does a great job with thickness.I see now why everyone rates this sewing machine 5 stars.So far, so good.It is easy to set up and begin sowing.This one puts it to shame.I can sew fast without it trying to jump off of the table.Only 2 complaints.Tried multiple times bit was unsuccessful.I am in love with this machine! It’s easy to use, easy to thread, easy to switch stitches, etc.I hadn’t used it much until COVID broke out, then I decided to make some face masks.This machine walks through 3 layers with no problem,didn’t even have to use the walking foot attachment.The user manual is exceptionally complete, descriptive,and easy to use.Very quiet.Have to hand thread.

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