Brother Intl LX3817G Lightweight Full-Size Sewing Machine Review

Brother Intl LX3817G Lightweight and Full-Size Sewing Machine Reviews

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SINGER Premium Round Large Sewing Basket with Matching Zipper Pouch 30% More Storage Volume (Aztec) Review

  • I’m really pleased with this basket
  • I’m not sure why there were so many low star reviews
  • Large and holds a number of things
  • Bought this for my daughter in law to hold her embroidery project
  • This is a BEAUTIFUL sewing box but it is HUGE! Way bigger than what my child needs for starting to sew
  • This is very attractive, durable, and I expect it to last through many projects
  • Well made
  • As a child I used to play in my grandmothers and moms singer sewing baskets, I was a child in the late 70’s so there wasn’t much to do…

    They were full of all kinds of neat buttons and ribbons and stuff

  • So this is in actuality a sewing basket which I’m sure it would be brilliant for

INTBUYING Industrial Leather Sewing Machine Leather Patcher Stitching Machine Heavy Duty Shoes Repair Sewing Machine Hand Crank Patch 500 SPM Patcher Cobbler Stitching Machine Review

    HimaPro Automatic Bobbin Winder for Sewing Machine Electrical Bobbin Winder Electric Bobbin Winder – Adjustable Bobbin Slot – Fast Efficient Winding Experience Review

    • I bought a vintage Singer and the bobbin winder is as slow as molasses…
    • I love this bobbin winder
    • After I got the tension set, my first few bobbins were perfect
    • I ordered this bobbin winder to replace one I thought was broken
    • Very sturdy product but one part didn’t seem to fit a hole
    • I started by buying one by a known name, partly because it was cheaper
    • Easy and fast
    • It took me a couple of tries (I wound thread for 3 seconds and checked), but once I got the tension correct for the thread I use, it was WONDERFUL
    • Easy to put together but it took me couple times to really figured out how to use it and oh my goodness I’m so happy

    Janome 2222 Sewing Machine Review

    • One of the tabs that keep the free arm cover on the machine is broken off before I even get it out of the box
    • I bought this machine for my 11 year old grandson and later one for my daughter
    • My mom and I have sewn for years on high quality machines(expensive lol)
    • I am using this sewing machine for quilt pieces and general sewing
    • She seems to like it for the price
    • I have used this machine to make a ton of masks for my family and friends

    Toolly Leather Hand Shoe Repair Machine Upgraded Aluminum Alloy Frame – Antirust Sturdy Small Heavy Duty Cobbler Leather Sewing Machine for Manual Sewing Dual Cotton Nylon Line Review

    • Got this for my leather work for Christmas
    • The aluminum frame is a lot better quality than the cast iron ones
    • Well to quote an earlier comment, it helps to have a mechanical aptitude and like tinkering
    • It didnt stitch when I got it and there might as well be no directions
    • The machine was as advertised, arrived on time and complete
    • Once set up, the machine functions well
    • I bought for 119
    • It’s very crude, but I like it for the value
    • No directions or instructions

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    She loves it and is back to sewing up a storm.I hope its sturdy and durable.It works great and not as loud as my old one.[/review1]<!– .

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