Best Choice Products Compact Sewing Machine 42-Piece Beginners Kit Multifunctional Portable 6V Beginner Sewing Machine 12 Stitch Patterns Light Foot Pedal Storage Drawer – Pink/White Reviews

Best Choice Products Compact Sewing Machine 42-Piece Beginners Kit Multifunctional Portable 6V Beginner Sewing Machine 12 Stitch Patterns Light Foot Pedal Storage Drawer – Pink/White Specs and Reviews

  • BEGINNER’S KIT INCLUDED: Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, this set has what you need to get started including bobbins, spools, a spare needle, and needle threader. Choose between 2 speeds for your ideal comfort level
  • 12 PRESETS: Preset stitch patterns simplify the learning curve for beginners, allowing them to complete more complex projects with ease
  • EASY TO USE: Automatic thread rewind, thread cutter, tension dial, and a sewing light make it easy for beginners and pros to operate this machine
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Use the carrying handle to easily transport this small machine as needed. A battery-operated option allows you to sew anywhere using 4 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • VERSATILE USE: Use your sewing machine to patch up torn clothes, or to create DIY crafts, masks, or clothes from scratch. Includes a storage compartment for easy access to threads and other supplies; OVERALL DIMENSIONS:11″(L) x 4.5″(W) x 10.5″(H)

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  • The kit this thing comes with is not the best quality of the thread and gets stuck in the machine a lot
  • It comes threaded + ready to sew
  • I had ordered a sewing machine and I had received it
  • This machine is great for simple fixes, seams, and <2 hour projects that largely just require straight stitching
  • This is the first time I’ve ever used a sewing machine
  • Its not what I expected
  • I’m not sure if there might be a better option out there but this machine was in my price range and has been able to help with doing small clothing mends and I really love having it
  • Okay so it works fine sometimes, but it jams SO MUCH and it’s so annoying because of that
  • This was the perfect little machine to sew pockets, sew on patches, and just get small projects done right away

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  • This is a well made machine
  • This machine I cannot even test out until I get new legs built or a platform
  • At the price for this item you can’t go wrong
  • Exelente producto un Exelente precio envío super rápido vendedor 100% recomendado

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    • I think if they can stand the aggravation of using this machine and still finish a project, then they get a real machine they will be so delighted that it works without problems and they will enjoy sewing
    • This machine is not worth the price
    • This is the most frustrating sewing machine I have ever used
    • It’s a good machine to learn
    • I needed this little machine to work on my crafts, and it is the perfect fit for me
    • I dont regret spending my money on this item
    • Very disappointed in this product! I purchased it for my Granddaughter’s birthday so it was past the 30 days to return when I gave it to her and tried it out
    • My daughter has been watching me sew for years and I finally broke down to buy her a sewing machine of her own

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    • I think if you’re looking at this machine, you’re either a) new to serging or b) impressed by the price and interested in the quality
    • I hope my statements don’t discourage you from buying the machine, but I feel it is necessary to say because it is why I wanted to return mine
    • This is my second serger
    • This is my very first serger and I am so glad I bought it
    • I Love I Love my serger
    • La máquina vino con todas sus piezas, la tengo hace aproximadamente un año y medio y sigue funcionando perfecta
    • I NEVER saw myself owning a serger but this is so Perfect! Instructions in the Manuel and on the machine on how to thread is a bit confusing but YouTube has LOTS of good instructions
    • Easy to learn for beginners
    • My wife sews “a lot”! She’s always kind’a wanted a Serger & kind’a not, well she finely broke down and got one! She only got it for a couple things in her production method, and this machine knocks it out much faster than expected!! Wow, this thing is fast for a little lower priced machine

    3 thoughts on “Best Choice Products Compact Sewing Machine 42-Piece Beginners Kit Multifunctional Portable 6V Beginner Sewing Machine 12 Stitch Patterns Light Foot Pedal Storage Drawer – Pink/White Reviews”

    gEfiB says:

    Threading is difficult.Lol.I tried making some little things here and there and I got frustrated at first. I can only use it on the 1st setting for stitching but I’ve made felt dresses for our elves and now face masks.I learned to sew when I was kid so it’s not like I’ve never touched a sewing machine before.Rather idiot proof.The instructions about replacing the bobbin are nonexistant.The pedal didn’t even work! When I contacted the company for a refund or replacement, they told me that they could not do that because I was 3 days out of the window for returns.The directions were easy to use for me to help her set it up, and for her to learn from the directions.It is a perfect sewing machine for a beginning sewer.she cried when she opened it being so thankful The last time I used my sewing machine.Great gift for a young girl to inspire her to sew.I received it and was over the moon, but when I finally started sewing I couldn’t be more disappointed.Her primary use of it was to make doll clothes and it works fine for that.It recently started to “act up” and the stitches are very uneven and the machine is skipping every other stitch the instructions are fairly clear but the problem is I cant find any screwdriver that fits the hole of this dumb screw on the inside?! I need the manufacture to send me one otherwise i’m very SOL, because I need this sewing machine to finish my degree project.I taught myself in no time! Unfortunately it broke within 3 months! I had been using it every day and it did serve its purpose of me learning how to sew.Had to return.

    zxVeF says:

    This sewing machine came threaded… I was under the impression that you had to use the foot pedal but you can use the button on the machine or the pedal… Its been great as a starter machine for my 10 year old super light weight and small for apartments… I like that it stops automatically if it gets jammed also… We’ve just used it for doll clothes… But its great for the price.It’s a nice little beginner machine.Very easy to learn, small so you can put it in your bag.It’s easy to thread so that’s a plus.She loves this machine.I was very happy with the decent construction and the look of it.More functional choices.Never dropped or mistreated and it literally lasted only 1 use.I have changed the batteries with fresh, new batteries each time.But, after I used the first bobbin the second wouldn’t install correctly.For the price, you can’t beat it.I also like the compact size for saving space in my small apartment.I bought this for my daughter because she wanted to start sewing and learning how to make cute little projects.I still needed a machine for the occasional projects and mending that I do.She loves it.

    bCTTRe says:

    Totally money wasted.GREAT BUY !! It’s a great little machine! I make costumes as a hobby, and this little machine is great! I make everything out of everything from cotton to vinyls.I started off using a child’s sewing machine from the same company, many of those parts are compatible with this machine.The machine was broken.She’s afraid of getting her fingers caught.It’s a great light weight machine and I’ve used it for so many projects thus far.Did not open it other than to place my return label inside.Easy to use and amazing quality/value.Ok –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.Automatic stitching option is very useful for me.I’m breaking it in for my granddaughter, so when she’s come over we can get going.She loves it!![/review5][review6] I’m a beginner and this is very easy to use.

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